Smart ICT Based Education System in Shree Rudrayanee Secondary School, Khokana

Implementation of Offline and Online Smart Education System in Shree Rudrayanee Secondary School, Khokana

In the era of digital transformation, RCMEL found it important to go hand in hand with the requirement of the aforementioned school for a rich digital content ingested system as well as online teaching education application. A virtual Skype Meeting was conducted on June 24, 2020 (Asad 10, 2077), over an online Skype Meeting, with the RCMEL team members as well as the principal and other school members of Shree Rudrayanee Secondary School, Khokhana. The school principal highlighted that the digital contents could substitute the unavailability of books with some underprivileged school children and the online learning application would help in Covid-19 like lockdown situations. However, the school was inadequate with the main logistics like wifi enabled desktops/laptops for the digital classroom. Hence, this issue was also attended.

Smart ICT Based Education System in Shree Rudrayanee Secondary School, Khokana

Smart ICT based education system with rich digital contents built into an IOT (Internet of Things) device. The main objective of RCMEL is to contribute in the development of education for the government school whose enrolled students do not have easy access to standard study materials. The school administration, students and teachers will benefit from this content based learning system. Students do not need internet access to learn from digital contents.

Involved Partners

  1. RCMEL for initiating and implementing the project for two years.
  2. The provider for the installation, commission and maintenance is Cybernetics Pvt. Ltd.
  3. User being the Shree Rudrayanee Secondary School.
  4. Interact Rotary Club of school will assist in technical reporting and encourage students to use the system.
  5. Word Distribution Nepal Pvt Ltd for contributing 2 Dell Desktops (i5 processor, 4GB Ram, 500 GB HDD, 18.5” Monitor.
  6. Funding (partial) was provided by Arniko International Private Limited.

Project Duration

The project was initially agreed for 2 years. The second year includes the AMC (annual maintenance contract).

Implementing Online Learning System with Microsoft TEAM

Microsoft Team is a universal communication and collaboration platform that combines persistent workplace chat, video meetings, file storage (including collaboration of files), and application integration. The service integrates with the Office 365 subscription office productivity suite and features extensions that can integrate with non-Microsoft products.

  1. RCMEL Rotarian members.
  2. Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP 2020), Office Apps & Services, Nepal, Prashant Dhewaju.
  3. Shree Rudrayanee Secondary School, Khokana.